Passion is defined as “an intense emotion  compelling feeling, enthusiasm, or desire for something.” Obsession is defined as “the domination of one’s thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire, etc.”  I’m passionately obsessed with creating powerful images through my photography. I wake up with mental images not yet captured and I go to sleep to shutter clicks. The camera is an extension of my life, my eye, my vision, and my art. My subjects define my personality and shape my creative passion.

With each image created I strive to capture more than the moment. Images are filled with stories, experiences, culture, emotion and life.  My photography showcases the life within each image and takes the viewer’s mind further than the image itself but into the story. Photography allows me to explore the subtle nuances of each scene and capture the details often not seen.

Many would consider me as a photojournalist but I prefer to simply be known as a photographer and an artist. I make photographs and that’s my passion.